I’ve enjoyed and learned from over 40 years of working in and with communities, community groups, organisations and individuals. Together we developed local ideas into sustainable partnerships that delivered important contributions to community life.

Working in every region of Scotland with public, statutory, voluntary and independent organisations, I have learned the value of leading effectively. Through the strength of partnerships and developed the wherewithall to support and grow the great ideas coming from communities into creative and impacting projects. These involve growth and change.

Additionally, engaging with international partners in development in UK and international education contexts has enriched the idea of developing the apparently ordinary into the extra-ordinary. Receiving formal recognition from several European partner nations for the ideas we developed together is a strengthening thread to our work that builds belief in what is possible.

The experience gained from holding posts as a community worker, youth worker, manager, head of service and director of national agencies has been exciting and invaluable. Representing national bodies and chairing many advisory and action groups, has heightened the worth of working to our key strengths, respecting the value of differences and the potential of people and their place.

“If you’re not working at the edge, you’re taking up too much room”.

Having worked with so many of the national and regional agencies in Scotland, one learns about what is critical, what is less so, when to work at the edge, let go of the predictable and mundane and persevere when progress is impaired. Importantly, never be lost.

Working in voluntary settings with community groups, youth charities, local charitable groups as well as the childrens justice system compliments initiatives in establishing sustainable environmental organisations, community support groups and specific initiatives to help people get back into the mainstream. Delivering scores of key presentations, pre and after event speeches and leading gatherings has been an invaluable asset.

A radio broadcaster for 35 years has been great fun but also eye opening to new “worlds” and the inhabitants therein. Leading and participating in a range of community based projects and organisations keeps feet on the ground.

In the latter half of my career I returned to “new and challenging head and skills training” to refresh and compound my experience. NLP, mentoring and coaching, additional counselling models, transactional analysis principles contributed to intense learning experiences on leading and leadership, systems development, the art of hosting and convening and expanding my experience of working in and with groups. I’ve developed these contexts through delivering a wide range of training, development and personal growth opportunities on a one to one and group basis.

I’m now drafting two new group experiences that focus on you – as an individual and your early confidences and you – as a member of a community, the latter using words and poetry to develop a community awareness and the former a positive experience with groups to help reflection, growth and confidence. Nothing too heavy!

“Rory is an inspirational, thought-provoking, charismatic speaker and agent of change.  He has that wonderful gift of combining wit, wisdom and heart, with a scattering of Scots verse.”

Senior Development Officer

“Most importantly  Rory ‘gets it’. He is driven to see a Scotland that is fairer and where public and voluntary services effectively support local communities to  determine their own futures.”

Chief Training and Development Manager