Believing…in community

  • You.
  • The potential we all have to grow and contribute.
  • That we’re not lost, we’re right here and ready to move on.
  • That the so called ‘ordinary’ can grow into the extra-ordinary.
  • The fundamental right we all have to love, food, shelter, warmth and safety.
  • Valuing our time together, no time together is wasted.
  • Working together to secure the best outcomes for you.
  • Values that represent us honestly and that respect others and differences respectfully.
  • That the good people are still winning, we are basically good people.
  • That we will enjoy what we do if we are involved in doing something enjoyable.
  • Policies and plans not limiting us, but that we are the only people that can make them successful.

Let’s have a conversation, agree what we have in front of us.

Agree what change we want to make, be creative about how we will make this work,

Agree the action plan/s, consider the resources.

Let’s do it.

“He’s got a real track record in professional development and in showing how lifelong learning matters for community workers themselves. I’d recommend him as someone who will challenge you and your colleagues to think afresh about what you do and help you to rekindle your enthusiasm for the work. He might help you to have a laugh as well.”

Chief officer, voluntary association

“His skills lie in many areas of practice and policy within CLD but at the heart of his repertoire is an exceptional ability to make people believe in themselves as community activists and change-makers and extols their natural passions to make a difference in the communities they inhabit and serve (and at the same time not to take themselves too seriously!)”

Training Officer