I want to work with volunteers and community workers.
What can I offer to you?

Can we begin with a conversation? Lets talk through thoughts and ideas and see where that takes us.
The power of sharing a pot of tea!! Even through the ether one way or another!! Costs? Nothing but time!

One cup of tea……

You and/or your organisation. Consider keynote inputs, facilitation of events, no matter the scale and number of participants.

Whoever is there is who is meant to be there.

Explore the contexts of leading, development, ownership, professional standards, ethics and values. Or, simply, how we can progress in the most usefull way we can. It doesnt need to be too clever. It might be though. Costs? Possibly nothing. Please ask.

Two cups of tea…….

Develop opportunities in growing confidence in groups, one to one. Know our communities and identifying our potentials. How might we do that? Lets inspire through pre event, after dinner contribitions. Coaching, mentoring and consideration of 6 stage planning and actions.

Short training courses designed by us and our colleagues to be both challenging and inspiring but also good fun – oh, the F word. Costs? The price of a community worker.

The third cup of tea…

We will share the power of three…People, Place and Possibilities. Who we are, what we can dream of, what we can achieve.

Communities, individuals, organisations. Lets explore the opportunities that national and local policies and practices offer us to grow and achieve, not be trapped by what limits they put upon us! Then there’s your ideas that will take you to new places.

Groups can be exciting! We wont underestimate the energy and potential of meeting in groups with a shared purpose, as individuals and as a small community of interest.

“The first cup of tea, you are a stranger, the second you are a friend, the third you are one of the family.” Greg Mortenson, Nepali saying.

“Rory is steeped in knowledge and experience of community learning and development (CLD) at local and national policy level, latterly as the Head of the first CLD Standards Council for Scotland. He engages as meaningfully with adults and young people in local communities as he does with senior leaders and managers, to motivate, inspire and provoke change.”

Chief officer (National Development org)

“I’ve worked with Rory in a variety of situations over the last 15 years. I know him as somebody with a real and deep-seated commitment to the work we do in community learning and development.”

National Development officer