Develop, Reflect, Actions and Words


“Not being lost is not a matter of getting back to where you started from; It is a decision not to be lost wherever you happen to find yourself”. It’s simply saying “I’m not lost, I’m right here”.
Laurence Gonzales

Working with others in groups offers us all opportunities. To be supported, to support others, reflect and share conversations and agree our own actions. To ensure we plan to start again and journey forward as more confident individuals.

Initially, lets chat over how we might work together. I have developed group work leader experience across 35 years in training, personal development, leading and managing, planning and team building – amongst others. Social and business groupwork facilitation demands a range of skills, knowledge and capabilities that is often underestimated. Beware of imposters!

Firstly – we can consider how we develop a programme with your own group in a clearly identified context and a clearly agreed purpose that will be to the benefit of your colleagues and the organisation. Individual and collective development with high participation from everyone. These can be planned on an open timescale basis. A day, a weekend or a series of evening/day sessions. Lets discuss.

Secondly, as an individual joining a small group, we can convene a group that will happily participate in a range of activities that will give us all a wee challenge to consider where we are in our world, where we want to go, developing our confidences with each other. This group opportunity will be offered from time to time as the programme develops. Pleased to chat this through.

Thirdly, a new development based on recent work is a group process that uses introductions, words, conversation and creating poetry to reflect on our communities, our histories, our people, places and our possibilities. We will share cups of tea, – or whatever – have conversations about our community, have a go at activities that take us towards words that mean someting to us and collectively create ‘ Big Lines’ with big statements. Sheer Poetry!!.

This has worked with all sorts of groups with a range of interests – community councils, WI, youth groups, work focus groups and more. Theres great fun in doing this, lots of laughter.Have a read of some of the poetry!

Group sizes in the groupwork and personal development sense are seldom less than 6 or more than 12 persons. It’s about the dynamic. Other exercises can accomodate larger numbers of friends. Whatever, it’s serious fun!!


“Rory is an inspirational, thought-provoking, charismatic speaker and agent of change.  He has that wonderful gift of combining wit, wisdom and heart, with a scattering of Scots verse.”

Senior Development Officer

“Rory is a great motivator and encourager and these qualities help young people, especially the most dis-advantaged; youth workers, volunteers and paid; and trustees and decision-makers in local community groups, charities and public bodies.”

Chief officer