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Can we be prompted to write about anything?


I’ve read that there is nothing that can’t be written through the medium of poetry that won’t reveal truths, meaning, ideas and provoke passionate thought. Passion isn’t always about love, it’s often about anger.


If you, my grandchildren read this, know that this government, 2012, are the most corrupt group of politicians that set foot in our now, because of them, broken country.


Why do we have a UK Prime Minister that tells lies time after time and loses no popularity in this country. Does it say more about the PM or the voters?


Could I write an articulate piece, a poem even, about blatant lies? Recently the PM promised to put care at the centre of his future planning as the pandemic, at his hand, led citizens to their deaths.


In the Queens speech this past week we totally missed the chance to do this.


While we observe, could any of these become the kernel of passionate poetry, humorous lines or well planned stanza?


What could we squeeze from this on a quick glance?


Source – Montbiot


In an article he outlined ten areas of concern:


1. The ruling class, wallowing in corruption, enjoys total impunity. Meanwhile, peaceful protest and other freedoms are criminalised.

fairness, cruelty, exploitation, sacrifice of the poor by the ‘classes’


2. No political scandal is a sacking offence.

plus ca change


3. A complicit media so distorts the reporting of government action that it becomes almost impossible to distinguish truth from lies.

my dear grandchildren, it’s easy to be disgusted by them.


4. Apparently endless rule is sustained by voter suppression and gerrymandering.

Eton trained us to believe!! Take our word.


5. Politics proceeds by means of the grand gesture. Billions are spent on major infrastructure, while basic services are allowed to wither and die.

read as ‘billions to the rich, the rest pushed into the ditch’.


6. Public agencies are repurposed to direct money into the hands of chums.

probably the biggest crime of all.


7. People trying to defend minority rights and liberal values are bated and provoked, as the government seeks new enemies and revels in its illiberalism.

we need to show public ignorance whilst doing 1-7. Staring at the moon!


8. Policies that would once have made you gasp are normalised, as the frontier of acceptable outrage is constantly extended.

I lie, well, create a truth, I pretend and you support my lies.


9. Immigrants are demonised and blamed for problems for which they bear no responsibility, even as their numbers fall.

WW1 poetry would do this justice. Damn this government


10. The government inventively discovers endless scapegoats for its own failures.

you are these scapegoats, guilty without trial.