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Greetings, my wonderful grandkids, Sandy, Alba, Breagha and Anna. I was well into writing a different short piece -I’ll use it another time – when I realised that I need to mention the WAR in case you do read this in the future.Greetings, my wonderful grandkids, Sandy, Alba, Breagha and Anna. I was well into writing a different short piece -I’ll use it another time – when I realised that I need to mention the WAR in case you do read this in the future.


The War? What the hell is that?


‘A state of armed conflict between different countries or groups within a country’. – OED.


War, as a term, spins through our cultural memory like a tornado and is used to mark everything.Since the war ; as long as the war…; as many died in the war ; war of attrition ; economic wars ; head to head wars ; 1st War ; 2nd world war ; wars of independence ; war, war war…


In my lifetime there has never not (sorry) been a war killing hundreds of thousands of people – Spanish, Korean, Vietnam, African nations, Middle East, many others – Kuwait, Desert Storm, Balkan, Afghan, one of the scariest – The COLD WAR – LOOK IT UP GUYS –


All of this killing people in their thousands with terrible threads running through them – chasing wealth, resources and blah, blah, blah..


Remember todays date, Monday 14th March 2002.


The war in the headlines at the moment involves Russia bullying Ukraine with other nations piling in – or not. The pile are weighing up what’s in it for them, what profits there might be in it for them, economically speaking. Minerals? Oil? Arms sales? Access?


3 weeks age the Russians declared war on Ukraine and started to bomb the main towns – so far – killing thousands. The rest of the world is shocked, amazed, stunned and in sober disbelief.


(At this point we may pause and wonder where our concerns are for the hundreds of thousands of good people killed in Syria and Yemen in the last few years.)


However, here are the headlines in some national newspapers today.


• Russian’s deadly raids plunge Ukranians into nightmare

• Day 20 of the invasion.Large explosions heard in Kiev.

• The UK system is a humiliation.

• Russians shoot people dead in the streets.pUTIN TIED Boris Johnson up in his own treaties.

• Tanks, bombs, shootings. Russia takes over villages.Russia targets Ukranian military base.

• Country mourns it’s fallen as president Zelenski says 1300 soldiers killed.

• US will try to convince China not to supply arms to Russia.

• 7500 children are refugees.

• US senators unite to brandPutin with war crimes.

• 2500 Brits offer to put Ukranians up.

• War is a dirty business.


Health warning – these are the ones I have to hand – other papers, TV news have many moreOffering other ‘perspectives’. Knowing our UK press, how accurate are they?As you age gracefully kids, you will grow to understand that accuracy and truth in reporting is a flexible and moveable feast.


Anyhow, you may be interested to see how these headlines compare with progress on the same date, say in 2023 or the date you are enjoying at this very time in 2033.


What wars are there flying around. Did Putins threats of THE ultimate cataclysmic war come to anything – making this petty exercise pointless.


Does it suggest that you might need a point of view – maybe too young as yet, maybe not. Importantly, hope you grow up developing a position that can be measured in kindness and considered position for others.


This will be when you are agreeing with yourself who you are, how you go about your daily business and considering how to see the ordinary as extra ordinary and what you can do to influence that.


What do you believe in? Who do you see, around you, whom you consider as ‘good people’, and how do they show their daily kindness, on whatever scale?


NB By the way, consider the UK ruling classes and it’s old, ageing, hugely white, greedy, dishonest lying politicians and what they did ; are doing.


I’ll do a we piece on kindness in the near future, it’s the talk of the Steamie at the moment – see Tony Roper – and any amount of self help books that have 180 pages and a mqximum of three interesting points in them -see as many as you want.


This notion of idea sparseness is to be found in almost every recent publication on working with people as leaders, managers, coaches and so on. A modern blight. However some,  perhaps one of the three per publication has the potential for behaviour changing impetus, inspiration or light bulb moments.


Anyhow, back to today. Have a look at the above, have look outside at the world today and see where you are in all of this.


I hope the green and blue bits of our world are still where they should be.