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Greetings friends, should anyone be reading this, I hope you are well and staying safe.


I’ve got a couple of poems to add to the pile this week, one nodding to the topic in this blog, ‘Anti – Slavering’ and one called ‘Ubiquitous Absolutely’, a nod to the BBC decline in language standards accompanied by it’s middle class credentials.


Personally, at the moment, I’d like to shout at the ground, what a mess our beautiful planet is in, what a scatter of incompetence spreads among our so called leaders, home, further afield and abroad.


There are adverts on TV appealing for donations to save children’s lives, donations of £ 2.00 to save lives, access water for Christs sake, bring back eyesight, mouth procedures that change futures. Water, sight, speech.Change from a tenner!


My member of our UK parliament, MP John Lamont, Conservative, this week voted to cut the overseas aid budget along with over 100 other Tory greedmeisters, the same who gave billions to their friends for non existent contracts in Covid times. Mr Lamont’s voting record is a party line one. No spine to vote against his party for plainly obvious needs as many of his voters want. He is a jellyfish of a man, spineless, no sting in the tail. There are other stories – he believes poverty, and children’s hunger is a lifestyle choice by ‘these people’, who spend monies on televisions. The man is a disgrace.


However over twenty five thousand voters piled in behind him. More voted against him, a minor consideration. Therefore the responsibility must be shared. Hard to believe the Borders is so full of such selfish souls. But that is what the UK has become, selfish and greedy and self centred. Its other shameful characteristics, driven by southern Britain are for other times. There are squalid tales to be told.


Many Borderers will reap what they sow, do their usual hard up is us line. Huge vote for proBREXIT will serve them right. They look at the issues from completely the wrong angles. The farmers will look back in wounded anger, the east coast fishermen likewise. Vote as greedy, end up needy.


Germany, in the North is mourning hundreds of fatalities in horrendous never before floods, the climate blamers being shouted down by the others, shambolic greed and selfishness to the fore.
Canada is alight, California same, Australia drought, central Africa dying, United Kingdom has ‘since records began ‘ weather. Who would believe water is at a shortage in our lochs!


And yet we argue about climate change. My bonnie bairns, I fear for what this world will show you when you are old enough to make a difference. Mind, that’s what you must do when you can, make a difference, when you can.
Something huge needs to happen, hopefully it’s not tragic when it does. Maybe it will involve people who disagree to agree on a way ahead. That would be huge.
Aye, right?


The national news will be on shortly, after St Helens beat Castleford in the Challenge Cup, much respect for their sport and their craft as athletes.
The news will feature more fatalities in Europe, climate disasters and liar politicians, home and abroad. Same as yesterday then?
The BBC, no longer the publics broadcaster, will trot out fact missing stories, biased questions and trite news fillers whilst letting lying government ministers away with non answers and non truths.


Ground, where are you? I need to vent!!!