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Dearest Grandkids,


It’s the 1st of November, 2021 today. A big event is beginning in Glasgow called COP26.


COP is an abbreviation of Conference Of the Parties, which in turn is a shortened form ofThe global climate summit wrapping up in Glasgow is known as COP26, Conference of the Parties. In diplomatic parlance, “the parties” refers to the 197 nations that agreed to a new environmental pact, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, at a meeting in 1992.


It’s a big deal, number 26 version of it, it’s to do with saving the world. That’s all.


It remains to be seen if anything progresses, what might regress – I hope not – all to save our planet, and dear kids make this a liveable place for you.


Have look outside and make your own mind up guys!!


Every two, or so, years, 2020 COVID aside, this convention has discussed the state of the planet, agreed on ‘stuff’ and actioned little or nothing that mattered. In Paris it was agreed that 1.5% increase in global warming was a target – at this time the consensus is that we are nowhere near this.


It os so bad now that ALL of the experts say this is the last chance opportunity to agree on big changes, carbons, fossil fuels, fumes from cows and cars and capitalist motivated nations that still put greed before humanity and the humans therein.


The decade from now to 2030 is crucial – as target time and judgement time.


In brief the main targets this time round are.


Secure global net zero by mid century and keep 1.5 degrees in reach.


Adapt to protect communities and natural habitats.


Mobilise ….


Work together to deliver.


There are scores, hundreds of campaign groups making a big noise that suggests for some a new optimism that politicians will walk the talk. In the UK I thing our government thrives on lies and exploitation so I am less optimistic for sure.


Lets see in the next 10 days or so.




Fossil fuels


Billions mentioned


Rich people being challenged


Walk any of the talk


Countries being selfish


100,000 on the streets.


Digging our own graves


The path to greed and selfishness


2030 the target


End of the century, the end of it all.


There is hypocrisy everywhere


Will the rich countries help the poor ones – aye right!!


Sandy, Alba, Breagha and Anna, if this blog works, (the idea of having thoughts about what’s happening in the world,) have a check outside and see what’s going on. Are you involved? Can you do a wee bit more?


Thats what I’m thinking at the moment, as I look around and see what else I could do. An old quote – ‘We can’t change the world but maybe we can change some wee bits in and around us?’


Dunno if that’s true but I suppose anything is better than nothing. What do you guys think?


Anyhow the headlines this week are mixed – the politicians, predictably, are saying patronising cliches around ‘interesting progress made’ but the people on the outside think it’s been a waste of time when better progress could be made, much better. Maybe you can look back at this?


Big critics about coal and oil debates, saying the greed is kicking in with governments and businesses. The people on the streets are very blunt about this accusing them of greed and bullying.




On this day, Wednesday 17th November, the London based UK government led by PM Boris Johnston is accused of sleaze on a number of fronts, dishonesty on number affronts and lies, lies and lies.


Check back on what happened here in December 2021, early 2022. If these people in government are still there in 2022 then we all have problems, you maybe more than most.


I love you kids, I hope I haven’t been party to making the world a bigger mess than it deserves to be I think maybe at very least – or most – I haven’t done enough.


Love aye, Grandad.