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Hello kids, hope you are still seeing some of these, no matter how aged you are these days.
I’m officially in my late 60’s now, been through the mid 60’s and I actually found the early 60’s ok, as I managed to forget about some poor times foisted on, but thats the beginning the spell as you guys – OK Sands, you are no.1 – – started to appear – Alba, Breagha, Anna Grace. And a beautiful baby no longer with us.


Still no names in succession from my alleged wretched family but your Grandma’s clan are well represented so all good as we move on…and Alba you are off to school….aaaaaaaaarghhhhh …my girl is off to school. I remember being at the school on Sand’s first day. He wasn’t that impressed with my presence, neither were other parents, looking at the old man leaning on the fence shouting at the headteacher ( a friend and former colleague). So I was allowed.
Regardless, these apparently small moments are 5 star special, oh yes for sure. Because we were together.


I have a friend who is working with a community group in a social group work context. One of the ideas is to let the group of ladies – for they are – learn to feel that they can be together despite that they are struggling alone for many other aspects of life. They are using the term ‘togetherness’ as a catalyst, as the glue to let them be aware of the joy of leaning on each other. It’s complicated, takes time but as my friend says, it’s a dream watching the ‘togetherness’ grow and that the members of the group learning to love it – the feeling of togetherness – and the unforeseen of this.


I had a collision of thoughts recently when thinking about ‘what next?’ Albeit in no major way, what can be done to make the best of where things are at the moment. This especially given my health hurdles. So which way to turn, late 60’s and to be included in them, the United Kingdoms shambolic set of existences overseen by a corrupt right wing government. Their ideologies hit us all.


When thinking about this, driving along, a song of Robert Johnson came on the radio. Crossroads, a version from an old movie that takes the tale of the wandering minstrel who arrives at a crossroads, wondering which way to turn. The idea is that he is searching for the next’ big tune’ and song’. Possibly the last and final one., but thats all he needs to make things ok


More of the film later – there are a couple of versions -but it got me thinking about where I might turn should I feel I’m at my own crossroads. What choices, directions and hopes and aspirations?


The bit about togetherness cropped up too. Seemed to be central to it all.


The big catch in the story and film is that to find the big tune, the minstrel has to do a deal with the devil by exchanging his soul for the music. Is that worth it? Later in the tale they fight for it through music, the devils champion versus the young, yet to be corrupted young virtuoso guitarist., who may have got his skills from El Diablo – at a cost!!


Should I deal? What would I deal at this stage. Sit still and do nothing, thinking the years past were, well, all there was, is, will ever be. Or go for the first of a number of big Hurrahs? Worry about the consequences later and fight the elements like the corruption of my society by greedy lying corrupt UK politicians.
Where does my soul lye? Would a trade help me move on into the crossroads years? And is there a re trade later? Can I live with the dishonesty of that short term trade and easy=cheat re-trade?


In the old story and movie, he vanishes at midnight as he approaches the crossroads, returns in the morning all kitted up with a new song and virtuoso, as yet unrealised, guitar skills. It’s clear for everyone to see that things have changed and rumours abound about the Devil and the man travelling for this outcome, I mean that is the only way…..and the fight to win the swop back begins – duelling guitars, duelling fiddles with some brilliant ‘Devil dancing’ on the side.


Anyway, I’ll give it some more thought about the big trade, won’t rush in just yet. Meantime, I will work on not losing the togetherness, family, you lot, friends and maybe a few new ones along the way. Make the effort might be the devils mantra. We will see, sure I’ll write a wee bit more on this later. Take care.


I went to the crossroads,. Fell down on my knees.