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Greetings friends,


This round I’m adding 3 poems on the light side, written at short notice for occasions, a while back. Moniack Mhor Burns night, a night with strangers but fine people ; Neverendum, of course the referendum on Scottish Independence (it’s THE referendum in Scotland – in the rest of the UK, in conversation is the referendum is the Brexit debacle). There was a few versions of this floating around – this is Lauders version.
Digital Dancing is a poke at online dating – you could write about that all day long and beyond, a hundred different angles, ups and downs.


They are now on the list, I hope you warm to bits of them.


Why these topics? Why, even a small shard of these topics. What do we write about? Why any one aspect of any one subject.


If you get into reading the theory of this poetry stuff you’ll find there is so much written about this, I struggle to conclude on anything specific – or perhaps I do conclude that everything is specific. Everything, anything?


The sun, moon, sea, land, flowers, pets, children, leaves, bees – all full of life, passions and myth and legend.


I am learning about the complexity of language – that for another time when I’ve learned anything.


Meantime I warm to the idea of poetry ‘creating an intense emotional experience’. A celebration, a mourning, a passion. This is applicable right away to the above wee list.


In addition the idea of poetry expanding our awareness, drawing attention to a truth or truths, using few words to present the here and now, the beauty of the same and what they can reflect back to us.


*Japanese master poet Issa

one deer licks
snow from the other’s


This will be a poem worm in my head for almost ever as I think through its impact on my thoughts of caring, cold and survival, wilderness, snow, marvellous images. How many images? How many images for each word, each two words. Love, life, passion, concern, care.


Blast you Issa, master-poet.


So what indeed do we write about? Many of my efforts began with what I saw, who I saw doing what I saw, how I guessed they felt – moments in peoples lives. I have a thing about leaves, seeing them as people, families, different ages – greens to browns and encircled with the winds that swirl them around our feet. The grow again, spring how miraculous is that?


Sometimes I must confess to a wee tear in my eye, thinking things through. Why do fellow human beings hurt one another, exploit one another, steal from, lie to each other, use each other, kill each other?


Take a look at the national press today. A huge list of allegations against the UK prime minister, his behaviours beyond description and a whole political culture awash with lies, cheating and a boat load of ‘isms’. The UK class system is presiding over ‘one in four children living in poverty’. The rich get richer and the poor don’t get a mention on any media programme. The British middle classes are an unsavoury bag of soggy crisps but the millionaire dripping morally rotten government has said, a la USA , greed and exploitation is not only ok, but desirable.
So nothing there to talk about – the above all from todays 12.00 news a la Radio Scotland, or in its own middle classdom, Radio West End Glasgow. (Hello BBC, the rest of Scotland is over here, here and here) Nope, nothing there. Good luck.


Oh, could someone have a go at the football punditry on Radio MAC-BLETHERS.


They have made ‘dull’ into the word, along with amazing, courageous, brave blah blah blah.
Heres a a line…


‘Today I found the off switch,
Light has washed through the groans,
Light that floods the brain,
Drowns the pundit drones.


*Taken from Poetry for Dummies