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Hello, about this time of year, the week between Christmas and New Year, many people are looking to make statements of intent to ‘do something’ in the near future, often ‘next year’. This is called by some a New Year Resolution. Top hits are weight loss, fitness aspiration, save money, be a nicer person, get a new job, be less of an arsehole to family, friends, colleagues.
In the recent covid mess, there’s been a lot of stuff talked about friendliness, being a good neighbour, kindness and so on. A lot of ‘deeds’ have been done and many citizens have benefited from good people helping out other.


Government ministers have had the nerve to encourage people to randomly help poor people, offering the great and sincere wishes from old Etonian millionaires. They bring being loathed to a new level.
Regardless of this fickle panorama, some change has happened. What has also developed in peoples lives, mostly middle classes who swear not to work so hard, spend more time with the family, holiday in the UK, work at home, grow a garden, go greener and so on.
This is the, we find, the self centred middle classes who proved to be more interested in them selves than we could have guessed. Sure thing, throw a few tins in the Food bank collection bin, applaud first responders, personal lease a battery driven car. The majority still support the corrupt/dysfunctional UK government because it’s in their interest to get ‘more’ from the Conservative rulers and even though the odd thing may cost more, well it’s only one less City break or visit to the French Gite which we bought when times were tight – for others.


Should we be surprised? No, it’s the UK. Look up ‘BREXIT’.
So we have seen good deeds done, hoping for more, making promises..
Yet the levels of poor mental health in this nation have leapt through the Jeff Bezos stratosphere. Little help is available, people have become more selfish – ‘thank God it’s not me that is depressed, down or panicking…….’.the middle classes can choose to find salvation and solution, the millions in poverty can’t.


Can we find any salvation for ourselves? There may be some thing in the parallel world of self action, in the world of HYGGE


The Danish word Hygge has become a familiar term in recent years. It’s defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.”


Pronounced ‘hoo-guh’, the word has no direct translation in English, although apparently”cosy” comes close. I think that is over Anglicised. I mean, cosy is for fleece covered TV movie watching. The English can sure bugger up everyone else’s culture.
Hygge is in your hands – behaviour, control moods, do simple, wonderful things, communicate with people, treat yourself well, kindly, gently and with respect.


Here’s a few gestures that might work.
In search of Hygge.
Outdoors – simple, effective, enjoy the natural beauty around you, breathe it in, smile at others on the way past, see the plants, the animals, wonderful? Surely yes.
Paddle in the sea. Landlocked? Dangle feet in a burn, let the water freshen you up, run to the big river then to the estuary, you are trouble free.
Read a good book, wear a pair of bobbin knitted socks, warm and cosy, safe and sound.
Sit by candlelight, reflect on good times, squeeze in a wee meditative spell, take a long breath from time to time.
Sit, lie, meditate with mellow music you like, you are familiar with.
Hire an e-bike for an hour or so, few things more wonderful than doing a hedgerow whiz on a good day!
Find stress free time with someone, some people you love, enjoy each others company, look at them and appreciate.
Have a gentle cup of tea. And……rest.
Enjoy a slice of something special, a real treat.
Yoga, if you must, but it works for many.
My Norwegian friends tell me that Hygge is something they don’t notice because it’s their way of life – being outdoors, Seeing their places, islands, archipelagos. It’s no accident they invest in public services to enable this to happen. The UK does not.
Stay safe and well.