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The whole of the middle classes,
Talk out of their tweeded asses,
Whilst raising their claret glasses,
Patronising the minimum waged.


Here is a bag full of sweets,
See what bills they will meet,
Keep you shaking on your feet
Until we add to the poverty crisis..


What is kindness? Action that screams out passion and forgiveness,
Opening a door, for someone who doesn’t ask
Saying good morning to anyone who passes
Permission, someone to lean on if it lasts.


Hi guys, 10 June, hope you are all well, your mum is out of hospital and you are back from your grandma’s. What a noise you make but all good fun. I spent some time with Anna at the soft play which she liked just fine. All good.


When watching people playing, kids and adults, one action that occurs is the ‘act of kindness’. It’s a heart tugger when an infant offers something to someone else they are playing with. Mind you, it competes with a lot of world class grabbing too, but that’s something else to discuss.


Kindness is all around at the moment, or at least it’s talked about. During the recent pandemic/COVID scare the news highlighted people doing ‘kind’ things for folks – delivering to the housebound, games at a distance, outdoor concerts, pet care, just chatting, contacting folks and more. So, all good then, folks are kind. Or many are.


It’s also talk of the ‘wellness’ world – do a kind thing for someone and you will get it back twentyfold, making you feel better. It’s also likely that someone will perform a kindness for you if you are out and about.
What is this kindness thing though?


On the simplest level, kindness is showing consideration to others, as opposed to being insensitive, harmful or apathetic. On this basic level, kindness has universal appeal. Not only human beings, including infants and children, but also animals appreciate kindness. The reason for this is simple.


Kindness is being friendly, generous, and considerate to others and yourself. Being kind often requires courage and strength, as it involves the willingness to celebrate and give attention to someone else. It is also about giving honest feedback when doing so is helpful to the other person.
I like this idea of courage and guts to do things. Almost if it’s easy to be kind, you’re not trying hard enough.


Well, that’s kindness. It’s being selfless, caring, compassionate, and unconditionally kind. Like love, it takes practice to understand and feel it. We share love with others through kind acts such as a smile, a nice word, an unexpected deed, or a planned surprise.


Why kindness is so important?


Acts of kindness have the potential to make the world a happier place. An act of kindness can boost feelings of confidence, being in control, happiness and optimism. They may also encourage others to repeat the good deeds they’ve experienced themselves – contributing to a more positive community.


As an aside, the United Kingdom is going through a range of crisis on a number of levels at the moment, mostly rooted in the current governments ideology which is right wing and rattled with greed and dishonesty. It is the general citizens that are showing anything of sense, generosity and thoughtfulness. There a lot more to this of course but what has happened is, the government has reinforced the selfishness and greed of the UK middle classes and beyond by squeezing the people who work, out of opportunity.


I am stunned by the selfishness of people who think they are being generous of thought and action. They are only doing so if it costs nothing, means no sacrifice and makes them feel good. Of course there would always be a percentage who are like this however it’s just too many and our 4 nations are like this too often to too high level.


Now of course there are still good people doing good things, and a lot of small scale activities started in COVID have continued because, well they were good ideas and people responded to good things. Most were based in kind thoughts and actions, one or a few based in making profits – well there’s all sorts of niche groups and activities.


What’s clear is the both parties get a reward out of whatever is going on – the giver, presenter and the receiver.


What makes me unhappy, and many things in this broken country
Impact on that, is the way the political classes use the helping classes to subsidise and support their crap policies, ideas and lies.
Our local MP – I truly hope he gets thrashed at the next election – has proved himself a spineless conservative lackey. He said that using food banks are a lifestyle choice by the poorer in society because they are lazy. That was when there was 1/2 in the Borders. Now there are kind people helping in 16 food banks in the Borders because the government actions have caused the poverty levels amongst communities to explode.


So there are kind people volunteering in and around that.


It’s ‘KINDNESS DAY’ this week – lists of kind things to do floating in all the newspapers, magazines.
C’mon, get a grip, you don’t need a list, have courage to be your own person and be who you can be.
Do what’s right, you will know when it is. Everyday!!