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Hello darling grandchildren on this 5th May 2021. If one day you read this, I’m reminding you that this date is a fairly large scale moment in the democratic timeline across the United Kingdom in one ‘democratic election’ event or another.
In Scotland we are being invited to vote for our members of our Scottish Parliament. We have a system that offers two ways to access the parliamentary glut of 170+ seats, first past the post for a local MSP and a list system where votes are gathered and political parties are invited to offer up candidates from a hierarchical list that each party has compiled. It also offers the opportunity for individuals, independent candidates to access the ‘house’. I’m sure you will find more accurate descriptors of this system elsewhere!
There are other news worthy items around – look them up – but there is a growing, rumbling fuss building around returns to freedoms in the context of COVID-19, a huge issue here and now ; political competence and honesty in question; Scottish constitutional/independence issues; football greed; a massive race and prejuduce issue across the UK, truly awful and exposing in my view the racist undertones that this country has been disguising for too long; UK government greed and value free policies – look at international aid, contracts for government friends, help for those in poverty – kids, one in four children are gauged to be living below the poverty line. And so on.


Whithstupstshlup…….See above….is the sound-?- that woke me one morning when the pile of political fliers flew through the door promoting my local candidates, 12 of them in one day.


Basically they are all the same – education, health, environment, jobs. Well, to be expected, but what is missing are any original ideas to tackle these contexts, not a new approach between them. Damn their eyes and hell mend you for losing voters.
One party only mentions the constitutional issue and how to be greedy; one mentions things that they would never get to influence, because they will never be in any position of authority though they take the easy option of promoting ‘recovery’ as the main issue . (From COVID) One wants to rebuild the NHS but doesn’t really. We have one that talks some sense about good citizens but is dying on its Scottish Government feet. We have a sitting Government that centralises everything and takes away from communities – doesn’t help their constitutional argument around another, since 2014 event, independence referendum. Green issues attract sympathy, even understanding but the nation hasn’t been scared enough yet. Time will tell.There are new parties -The Scottish family Party – who seem to want to control people rather than give freedom as an option. ALBA, a new nationalism party led by a long standing though flawed parliamentarian promoting activity on the party lists – tactical voting, good luck with sorting that out guys! All For Unity, a party where yet another long standing politician, advocated anti nationalism, more tactical voting. Reform UK, claiming they will return freedoms to people – have a look, I’ve heard of some of these, I’m still scared. Plus…..Vanguard party, UKIP Scottish Libertarian Party, Scotia Future, Independent Green Voice,Freedom Alliance, Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party!! Thats it then.


Whithstupstshlub…then the delivery finished with the one that caught my eye most – ‘Best deals, full choice, you choose, create your own! Sounds like I’m in control!


Only Dominoes pizza , design your own and be in charge. The one I read all the way through.


Kids, I hope something good..and tasty, came from the 5th May, 2012