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My darling grandchildren, where ere you are when reading this as I write it on a day in mid August in 2021, my love remains with you – where ere I am. It’s arms wrap around you like a wool coat. My wishes for safety and future contentment and love for you from all around too. Many other good things in the coat pockets.

Outside my windows, there is a mess of untold proportions, led and curated by a mess of people who are a mess in themselves. Afghanistan, a symbol of failed capitalism, capitalist and imperial power abuse. Not the country that is it’s own proud entity. The Afghanistan that the UK has left to die on it’s feet, the Afghanistan that is the News Headline. Afghanistanis that are being considered for fodder potential to add to the others that the ‘Great’ in Great Britain have sacrificed for almost 200 years (and before, read the books folks)
283 refugees found in the tiny rubber boats in the channel. The government refuses to recognise their crisis, their depth of pain.

Today, 50 injured, 13 and counting dead (hello, I just heard it’s up to 90+ dead, the typical news reels only mentioned the US deaths, not the local ones – bastards) (now its up to 190) after suicide bomb at Kabul airport. Britain says ‘it’s terrible’ but we will get as many out as possible – not all of them, but a Tory Government ‘we will get some’. That terrible incompetent Boris Johnson. He is a liar, a thief, fraudster, misogynist and racist amongst other characteristics. I’ve just heard the government will leave the rest behind

The UK has no drivers for lorries, our shop shelves are half empty, the suppliers are incapable of delivering, wages are at an all time low, farmers are destroying crops, benefits that were COVID driven, proved they were needed, are being taken from the poorest families, now 25% of the population.

We have one of the worst COVID responses in the western world, despite throwing billions at the vaccine plan. We are rejecting refugees who our government would rather see die than be welcomed to the UK. Sickeningly, the voters of this country in their millions are behind these ideas. They must take some responsibility but of course don’t.

Brexit is growing in its disaster status, feeding the rich and making us all poorer and more critically, depressed and unhappy across the nation. As a result we are becoming a selfish, self centred society. Perhaps no wonder as we keep a survival eye out!

The final warning on world climate change has cocked an eyebrow or two but this last chance to change is already being challenged by the billionaires. 31 August 2021.

I want to say too, the our local member of the UK parliament is a spineless, weak sap of a man, should not be in his job and should be held publicly accountable for supporting the Tory shout that the poor families have brought it on themselves. His name is John Lamont, an awful MP. Follows the party, does nothing for the people that live here.

There is a conversation about for and against having vaccines and the climb in recent numbers of virus holders. The various governments are driven by the money people, so the rest of us are being used as fodder. Shades of two world wars and mass sacrifice by the classes of public school ilk. We will see what happens here, meanwhile are we at risk? Have the health people got the balls to fight the politicians and defend their professional dignity?

A wee point. While the government take £20 from poor families, cutting off food and clothes , football players are transferred for £120 million and they get paid £150 thousand pounds per week. Not all of them but the fact that it can happen is sickening enough.

Watch this black hole of a space!!