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I heard a line today that suggested that poets had a lot in common with police officers.
Apparently, it’s accepted that society needs them, but you have to be a prick to want to be one.
So, apologies for bozzer to the rozzers, everywhere. Handshakes all round.


However I get the observation a wee bit, the idea of being a so called poet. What is it, who are you, we, and why? Lots of questions.



I added 4 more pieces last posting, liked them a bit, liked how they came from different places, different reasons. As ever though, not classy. Still aspiring to that.


They include the memory of 50 years, my Ainslie Park high school and the death of school kids on an outdoor education trip, 1971;


The travails of a 17 year old, child of a friend and the wrestle with life’s changes, aided by snatches of Lennon and McCartney ;


A play on words, poorly, on our totally shit government Circa 2021 and the nasty people involved ; anti slavering;


Simple observation on the miserable down beat nature of the posters and signs in my doctors surgery and it’s messages.


Prick score out of 10? As a collective or individually?


Dearest grandchildren, this is base stuff, forgive me one day for it’s lack of class.


However, as I type away here, I have a film of the late David Bowie live on the TV. Such songs, what class; such presence and style, what class; lyrics, go on listen and hear beyond the lines, what class; support musicians, what class; another existence for a top musician, what class.


He died a few years back, I happened to be in a bungalow on a beach on Koh Phanang, a small island in Thailand, in a great location and a small resort called Seaflower. What an amazing collision of people, all continents and backgrounds……..
……….sorry, the Bowie band is blowing it out of the venue…..oh no, here comes Rebel Rebel,


Goodness my good kids, dig back in the depths of time, find these songs and other musicians of this class.


Anyway the day the news filtered through, it was the latest in ‘same vintage musicians, film stars dying’ basically my, our age, stars of the late 60’s and into the 70’s .
Bowie though struck a bell for so many. There was a Bowie sing along for hours and hours, music on the PA, people doing the odd solo, everyone else piling in for almost known chorus lines.


One of the big gang was chatting away, tears in his big Aussie eyes all the way. I asked him what was so special about Bowie for him. He was clear – Bowie was the one star that legitimised being gay in a mixed up environment of superstar egos and world wide insecurity. Ed said for sure, it was Bowie that gave him the strength to be out and gay.
People jumped on his bandwagon after that but it was the gay communities that outed themselves further – beginning of Pride festivals, public showings and articulate oratories. Fascinating and a bit classy for sure.


This ‘mourning’ lasted three days or so, news of other musicians passing filtered by – February March seemed to be a time of year for people in their late sixties and seventies. As ever time distills all, not always the loss, but pain can be managed, we move on.


Yet some still crack on . Anyone got tickets to see the Rolling Stones in their US tour next year?


This is the first week in September – last week Charlie Watts, Stones drummer passed,. Into his eighties. The other boulders still plan to tour. Watts was, is, in the Bowie class.
The early stones albums are the best, have a listen.